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Showing the impact of veganism on the world.

Why go Vegan?


350,000 square miles of the Amazon rainforest has been destroyed since the 1960's. 80% of this land is being used to graze 80 million cattle.

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Saving the
Saving Water

A person can save up to 162,486 gallons of water per year, just by giving up meat. This is enough water for 450 people. Our global water scarcity issue can be solved just by giving up on meat.

By being

Vegan for

1 day

You save 1,100 gallons of water.

You save 45 pounds of grain.

You save 30 square feet of forests.

You save the life of one animal.

You can make a difference. By eating a plant-based, vegan diet for one day, you are already saving the life of one animal. By being vegan, you are choosing not to contribute to an inhumane, unethical industry where piglets are torn away from their mothers, then receive no medication when their tails and teeth are snipped off, and suffer in cramped pens with awful living conditions. Be aware of what you are putting into your body and what you are paying for the next time you choose meat over plant-based alternatives.

Saving the Animals

By being

Vegan for

1 day


Vegan for

1 day

BY being

Vegan for

1 day


People that don't eat meat live an average of 6-10 years longer than meat eaters.

People that eat meat are twice as likely to develop heart disease in their lifetime.


Amongst males in the US heart disease is responsible for 28.5% of the deaths. An omnivore male in the US has a 50% chance  of  suffering from heart disease, whereas a vegan male  in the US only has a 4% chance.


You save more water by not eating a pound of meat than by not showering for 6 months.


One pound of meat is produced using 16 pounds of wheat, which could instead be use to feed 10 people a day.


Livestock and their by-products are responsible for more than 50% of the global greenhouse gas emissions

2 pounds of beef causes more greenhouse gas emissions than driving a car for 3 hours, or leaving the lights in your house on for 3 hours.



Vegans are 3 times less likely

to get alzheimer's. 

Recent studies show that alzheimer's is commonly found in people that consume a large amount of cholesterol and saturated fat, found in meat and dairy products. People that consume a lot of fruits and vegetables are  3 times less likely to develop this disease due to the healthy vitamins and minerals they consume.

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Vegans are between 25-50%

less likely to get cancer.

Prostate, bladder, ovarian, colon, and breast cancer can all be avoided if you avoid meat. A study of 800 vegetarian men in Germany showed that their cancer rates were less than half compared to the rest of the population. The World Health Organisation has also declared that processed meats (bacon, hot dogs) and red meat are carcinogenic (2015 study).

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Contrary to the famous myth about dairy strengthening your bones, dairy actually makes them weaker and more prone to fractures, according to a Swedish medical study. Due to the high amount of hormones and saturated fats in dairy products. Furthermore, there are high amounts of cholesterol in these products, clogging your arteries and making you more prone to heart disease. The antibiotics put into the cows will eventually end up in your own body if you drink the cows milk, and the high amount of saturated fats causes weight gain as well.

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Vegans avoid the shocking

health effects of dairy.

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