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Being Vegan

In Stockholm

Mahalo is a 100% plant-based café, meaning everything they offer is vegan. They have their own bakery offering many vegan pastries, and using their menu the customers can mix and match different fruits and toppings to create their own fruit bowls. They also offer many sandwiches, noodle bowls, and smoothies. It is located on the north side of Södermalm, which is known for its large vegan community and alternative style. Mahalo also has a big terrace outside in the sun with plenty of seats for the customers. This is definitely a must-see for vegans living or travelling to Stockholm, because everything is healthy, natural, plant-based, and tastes amazing.

Mahalo Hälsocafet, hornsgatan 61

Greasy Spoon, Hagagatan 4 & Tjärhovsgatan 19

Greasy Spoon has become an infamous brunch café for the foodies around Stockholm. Although not everything on the menu is vegan, they offer plenty of vegan options including buckwheat pancakes, horchata porridge, and a full vegan classic English breakfast. They offer oat milk, soy milk, and almond milk as replacements for cow milk in the coffee, and also offer many fresh fruit juices. Almost everyone that works in Greasy Spoon is English or American, and their staff is always very friendly. However, when going to Greasy Spoon between 10-12 am on a weekend be ready to wait in line, especially if you are in a big group. It can sometimes take up to 1 1/2 hours to get a table, both for the one in Vasastan and the one in Södermalm.

Pom & Flora, Odengatan 39 & Bondegatan 64

Pom & Flora is a great café for studying as well as catching up with friends. They have many vegan options on their menu including various bowls and sandwiches. It has gotten quite popular and can be busy at certain times (especially around 11 am in the weekends), but is a very cozy place to be. It is not only good for having brunch, but also good for grabbing a quick snack at the end of the day. They offer take-away too, giving you the option to eat in the nearby parks if you desire. Their staff is always friendly, and they update their menu relatively often, continuously adding more vegan options. Just like greasy spoon they have one café located in Vasastan, and the other located in Södermalm (the one in Södermalm tends to be a lot quieter).

Breakfast and Brucnh

Reload Superfood bar, sveavägen 78 & sergelgatan 73

Reload is amazing for having a vegan lunch. Although they offer non-vegan options too, it is very well-known amongst vegans in Stockholm. They offer many different vegan acaí bowls (fruit bowls with toppings), but they are mainly known for their salad bar. You can create your own salad and choose which form of protein you would like, as well as the types of vegetables, pasta, and dressing used. If you let the staff know that you’re vegan they will definitely help you out. Reload also offers many other vegan juices, smoothies, and smaller snacks. Everything they offer is healthy and organic, and there are two Reload’s in the middle of the city, so they are easy to find if you want a healthy, filling lunch or breakfast.

Lunch and Dinner

max burgers, all throughout sweden

Max Burgers is a Swedish fast food restaurant, similar to McDonalds or Burger King, however they offer many vegetarian options, and a vegan menu. This is ideal for when you are on a road trip, or in an area with limited food options, but you still want to eat plant-based food. Their vegan menu includes a spicy BBQ Oomph wrap and fries. Although you shouldn’t opt for fast food too often, it is good to know that there are fast food restaurants that offer vegan options. There are many Max Burgers around the city, but especially the suburbs too. The two in the center of the city are located at Vasagatan 7, as well as Kungsträdgårdsgatan 20.

bagel street café, Upplandsgatan 61B and Kungsgatan 41

There are several Bagel Street Café’s spread throughout Stockholm, which is ideal for vegans. More than half of their menu is vegan, and many of their bagels offer vegan chicken and vegan cheese, which tastes almost like regular chicken and cheese. With options like these available there is almost no reason not to go vegan! Bagel Street Café is a great place for a quick lunch stop, and there is plenty of space to go with friends as well. The place is quite cozy and there is always place to sit, however you can get take-away too if that suits you better.

Sushirullen, all around the city

Sushirullen are tiny sushi bars around town that offer cute sushi rolls, with amazing vegan options. Even many people that are not vegan opt for the vegan sushi rolls because they taste so good. Often they include avocado, tofu, or both. There is no place to sit at these sushi bars, so they are perfect for a quick lunch or snack on the go. They are located all throughout town, so you have vegan options to take wherever you go.

  • Drottninggatan 70

  • Sankt Eriksgatan 38

  • Kungsgatan 53

  • Sergelarkaden 12

Falafel Baren, Hornsgatan 39B

There are many places that offer falafel throughout Stockholm, however the most famous one is the Falafel Bar which is located on the northside of Södermalm. They have amazing falafel dishes with hummus and many other vegan side dishes such as sweet potatoes and grilled vegetables. Since this is a lunch and dinner place they are open to delivery services such as Foodora and Uber Eats as well, meaning you can order food from here to your house if you live in the neighbourhood. It is often pretty busy, but there is a very lively atmosphere in the middle of a vibrant community.

Bistro bananas, Skånegatan 47

Bistro Banana’s is a good restaurant if you want to go out to have a nice dinner with a friend or partner. It has a bar for drinks, as well as tables to sit. They have many vegan options on the dinner menu, including various vegan pizza’s as well as starters and desserts. If you ask the staff they will definitely help you out. This restaurant is located in the heart of Södermalm, in the midst of many other vegan restaurants in case there are no places to sit. Note that it is wise to make a reservation, especially on the weekends.


stikki nikki, all around the city

Stikki Nikki is an ice cream place, located all over Stockholm. They have many dairy-free (vegan) ice creams to offer that taste incredible! Their vegan ice creams are labelled so it is easy to see which ones are applicable to you. Most of the Stikki Nikki’s don’t offer a place to sit, so you need to eat your ice cream on the go.

  1. Hornsberg Strand 35

  2. Götgatan 46

  3. Drottninggatan 90B

  4. Nybrogatan 43

  5. Sankt Eriksgatan 9

  6. Stora Nygatan 17

  7. Mariatorget 1C

BEN & JERRY'S, Västerlånggatan 59

Ben & Jerry’s has recently released a collection of vegan ice creams which are coconut-milk based. They recreated all the classic ice creams but replaced the dairy with coconut milk. These are available in all the Ben & Jerry’s stores throughout the city, as well as in all the classic supermarkets (including 7 Eleven). The Ben & Jerry’s stores always offer a place to sit, but they can be quite pricey. However, you do get a huge amount of ice cream for the price!


Squeezed up,  all around the city

There are multiple Squeezed Up’s around the city that offer many different vegan juices and smoothies. Since their drinks are made freshly on the spot, you can customise your drink however you like. They also have some healthy, vegan snack options, although their smoothies are normally filling enough on their own. They have a small bar to sit at, but are mainly suitable for taking on the go.

  1. Birger Jarlsgatan 57

  2. Birger Jarlsgatan 6c

  3. Långholmsgatan 21

joe & the juice,  all around the city

Joe & the Juice is one of the most famous food places throughout Stockholm, as well as many other cities internationally. They are known for their juices, coffee, and sandwiches. Although they don’t offer any vegan sandwiches yet, most of their juices are vegan. They have a really good website which highlights the exact ingredients in eery juice, as well as the amount of calories and other nutritional facts. Their juices are made on the spot with fresh fruit, so if you want certain ingredients to be left out you can just ask the staff. Their café’s are cozy, spacious, and very trendy.


When it comes to veganism, it isn’t just your diet that needs to be taken into account— it is your lifestyle in general, including the products you use. When it comes to personal products and toiletries, Lush is the best place to shop. They don’t test on animals and are strongly campaigning against animal testing and animal cruelty. They are very environmentally conscious too, using only paper bags instead of plastic ones. On all of their shopping bags it advertises cruelty-free shopping. They have many stores around Stockholm, and are a great place to buy gifts for others as well as for yourself.

Lush,  Klarabergsviadukten 49,   Götgatan 26,   and Mall of scandinavia

The body shop,  all around the city

Similar to Lush, The Body Shop also doesn’t test on animals. All their makeup and personal products are therefore cruelty free and vegan. The Body Shop is an international company with stores around the world, meaning you know you’ll have cruelty-free options everywhere you go. There really isn’t a reason anyone should still be buying from companies that test on animals when there are amazing alternatives, such as The Body Shop, available!

goodstore,  åsögatan 116  and  hornsgatan 176

Good Store is a supermarket that sells only vegan products. This is one of the only places you can find cheese and egg replacements. Finding non-dairy milk and meat-replacements has become relatively easy in regular supermarkets as well, however for cheese and egg it’s much easier to go to the Goodstore. They also have a bakery that sell many vegan pastries, and they sell almost everything a normal supermarket sells, with the difference that everything is vegan and the products are cruelty free. For new vegans this is the easiest place to go grocery shopping, and it saves you time because you have an automatic guarantee that everything is vegan, so you won’t have to read the ingredients. They sell many vegan cookbooks too, and it is a great place to meet some fellow vegans!

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