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About Swegan

This website was designed for the purpose of educating people about veganism, as well as guiding them through the process by providing many different restaurant suggestions around Stockholm. Users can rate these restaurants and further discuss them in the forum. Through the use of the forum, all members can interact and help each other with their transitions into a healthier, more ethical, more sustainable lifestyle. ​They can suggest their own vegan recipes and share their personal experiences.

Disclaimer: This is a non-profit website and it is not sponsored by any restaurants. All opinions are my own.

About Me

My name is Emma Verbeek and I'm a 15 year old living in Stockholm, Sweden. I have personally been vegetarian for more than 8 years, and been vegan for about 2 years. I made this website to convince other teenagers around Stockholm to make the same change in their lifestyle as I have. Many of my friends have turned vegan or vegetarian over the past few months as well. My family is very passionate about sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint, which is why we made the step to go vegan 2 years ago. On top of this, we also make sure to live to an active health style. I train 3 times a week for volleyball, and I often have tournaments on the weekends. Furthermore, I have played basketball all my life, and have recently joined the school soccer team as well. Staying active and healthy is a big part of my life, and I hope this website will encourage you to adapt these changes to your life as well!


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